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Replica Hublot Big Bang Ultra Bling Watch mostly use multi-metal assemblages to create thick cases with a strong sense of heavy metal, which is extremely rare in the design of Swiss watches. The rubber strap is another major contribution by  Hublot Big Bang Ultra Bling Replica Watch, which started to use rubber in large quantities after years of research and development in order to alleviate the discomfort brought to the skin of the wrist by the strap, a technology that broke with the usual style of Swiss watches and drove a strange fashion trend.

Even the most prestigious and traditional watches began to introduce rubber technology, even if many French classic watch stores were unhappy about it, but the final decision was made by the consumer, and the market accepted Replica Hublot Big Bang Ultra Bling Watch faster than the watch industry, and the trend swept through many celebrities around the world, and Replica Hublot Big Bang Ultra Bling Watch became one of the elite brands driving the watchmaking industry in just a few years.